Those two missteps were going to hurt the Knicks if Jackson stayed on in free agency

Last week, Jackson took another hit as he very publicly dangled the one future hope of the franchise — big man Kristaps Porzingis — in trade talks. Executives around the league questioned how serious Jackson was about trading Porzingis, but, rather, painted it as Jackson’s attempt to punish Porzingis for missing the team’s exit interviews in April.

Those two missteps were going to hurt the Knicks if Jackson stayed on in free agency, so if anything, his departure only puts the Knicks in a better position. Not a NFL Cheap Jerseys great position, of course, but Jackson was poisoning the well in New York.

Besides, player agents told Sporting News that Jackson typically was not involved in free-agent contacts until the very end — the bulk of the negotiations would start with general manager Steve Mills.

“You’d contact Steve first, I don’t think anyone was calling Phil directly,” one agent said. “Steve would run it up the chain, to (Jackson’s top assistant) Clarence Gaines and then you’d wait to see if there was any word back.”

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