The other side of a rebuild: Ex-Cubs reflect on 2016 and what might have been

When the Cubs embarked on a rebuild that started in winter 2011 with a new, powerhouse front office, they bolstered their roster mightily through trade, free Cheap NFL Jerseys Usa agency, and the draft — and ultimately produced a World Series title in 2016.

The court has three 4-point circles — one at the top of the key and one on each wing, well behind the NBA 3-point line — and a player only needs to have one foot in the circle to get credit for a 4-pointer.

In four games Sunday, Big3 players were 6 of 19 from the 4-point circles. Chauncey Billups and Mike Bibby were both 2 of 5 on their 4-point attempts, but no one else made more than one.

The 4-point circles are a great idea. They make the league different from standard 5-on-5 basketball, it’s an exciting play for fans to witness and 4-pointers provide a last-ditch Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys strategy for a losing team to trim its deficit.

Expanding the 4-point zone from three circles to an arc that spans the entire court would give players more opportunities to make 4-pointers and make the long-range offensive strategy less obvious than it is in its current format, where it’s easy to spot a player running to a 4-point circle.

It’s interesting how such low-key owners have operated a team with such a colorful history. Think of these iconic visions: the Immaculate Reception that sealed Pittsburgh’s first playoff win (over Oakland); the photo of the senior Art Rooney puffing on a victory cigar after the Steel Curtain defense crushed the Vikings’ offense in the Steelers’ first Super Bowl win in 1974 (a heartbreaking Cheap NFL Jerseys Embroidered day for me as a Minnesotan and life-long Vikings fan).

Mean Joe’s famous Coke commercial; Swann’s acrobatic Super Bowl catch against Dallas; Frenchy Fuqua’s flashy shoes; Lambert’s toothless snarl; Polamalu’s wild hair; and of course, the symbol of one of the most passionate fan bases in all of sports, the Terrible Towel of Steeler Nation.

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