The NFLPA isn’t likely to take this without a fight.

Judge Amos Mazzant granted a preliminary injunction that allowed Elliott to play until the resolution of the lawsuit. The 5th Circuit Court overturned it in a split decision, citing the lower court’s lack of subject-matter jurisdiction because Elliott’s camp filed before the arbitrator ruled on his NFL appeal.

The NFL filed an appeal with the 5th Circuit Court, and a panel of three judges overturned the injunction and ordered the lower court to drop the case. Elliott and the NFLPA re-filed in the New York Southern District Court, which initially granted a temporary restraining order to keep Elliott on the field.

A temporary restraining order is only good for 14 days, and the court ruled on Oct. 30 to deny an injunction that would effectively lift the suspension until the court case is resolved. Now that decision has been upheld despite the NFLPA’s appeal.

What happens next? In her decision to deny the injunction, Judge Failla wrote that the NFLPA’s assertions that the NFL’s disciplinary process was fundamentally unfair were invalid. The NFL can use that as ammunition in whatever the NFLPA tries next.

There’s a possibility that the two sides could come to a settlement agreement. Elliott Cheap Jerseys Sell could also just let it go and serve his suspension while it plays out out in the courts, but particularly because the case law here can dramatically impact player discipline Cheap Jerseys Team going forward, the NFLPA is unlikely to let that happen.

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