The Bills might have been one-and-done, but the playoff appearance was still special.

“I do think this might be his last year,” Theismann said. “I think that’s possible. I think he’s close. I think Carson Palmer is close. Eli [Manning] is getting close. Drew [Brees] is getting close, maybe in the next few years. With Brady, who knows? We’ll still be talking about him when he’s 50.

More Elliott fallout … The timing of the appeals court’s ruling in the Basketball Jerseys Cheap Elliott case is significant because it highlights the tensions between the league and union over Goodell’s authority in player discipline — and puts the two sides back in an adversarial role in court — just as they’re attempting to work in cooperation on an anthem solution. The NFL and NFLPA issued a joint statement this week vowing to work in conjunction on that.

The fans finally had something to cheer about (along with not having to hear sports commentators drone on about the longest postseason drought in sports … like I just did), while the players have something to build on for next year. No longer can anyone assume that Buffalo will be a nonfactor in January.

For other teams, it will mean players making individual decisions, and that likely will result in some players kneeling in protest.

Jones said after his team’s loss to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday night in Arlington, Tex., that the Cowboys would bench any player who protests during the anthem and thereby, in Jones’s view, is disrespectful to the American flag. Jones became the first owner to take such a forceful stand against the protests.

Jones’s comments came less than two weeks after he took a knee alongside Cowboys players and coaches, in the wake of President Trump’s initial remarks condemning the players’ protests, before the anthem at a Monday night game at Arizona. Jones and the Cowboys then stood and Best Quality Cheap Jerseys returned to their sideline, and remained standing for the anthem.

But that solidarity with the players seemed lost by the time Jones spoke last Sunday night. Jones said the Cowboys would refuse to play before they would allow players to, in his words, show disrespect to the flag.

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