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Calvin Johnson reportedly had to pay Lions much more than originally thought

When Calvin Johnson surprised the Lions by retiring in March of 2016, the team wanted him to pay back a portion of the $16 million signing bonus he received in 2012.

NFLPA records show Johnson returned $320,000 of his signing bonus to the Lions, but the actual amount might have been more than $1 million.

Decker took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank “the best fans, friends, and Wholesale Jerseys Paypal family” for their concern.

As for how the injury occurred, Caldwell remained evasive, saying “sometimes they are noncontact injuries. I didn’t say this was one of them, but I’m just talking about it doesn’t require that there’s any force contact for that to happen.”

Joe Dahl and Cornelius Lucas have taken turns at left tackle in Decker’s absence. Chances are, one of them will start in Decker’s place until he is fully healed.

“Just kind of the nature of our game,” Caldwell said. “You’ve got to adjust. That’s one of the things that I think our personnel office does a great job of, I think our players do a tremendous job of. We’ll adjust and keep moving.”

Decker was Detroit’s first-round pick in the 2016 draft and started every game his rookie season. He was expected to have a big leadership role on the offensive line this season.

“I think it’s easier to play the quarterback position later on in your career because of the repetition,” Palmer said. “There have been a handful of quarterbacks that have had success early in their careers,” he said, “but you just look at the history of the game. Guys can have success into their 30s just because you rely so much on experience, so much on ‘been there, done that’ type of situations.”

Arians thinks Palmer, who ranks 14th in all-time passing yards, is on the cusp of entering the conversation for the Hall of Fame and is only missing a championship.

“If you put a ring on his finger,” Arians began, “he probably has a Wholesale Jerseys From China chance to be talked about for the Hall of Fame because of his statistics.”