Rivers called running back Austin Ekeler into the formation so he could chip-block stud defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

I ask Rivers if a chip-block must always be built into the play as an option, or if he can just call for it once he sees things at the line of scrimmage.

Oh, sure, you can call it yourself. I can say ‘Hey, chip Cheap Epl Jerseys him and run your sneak route.’ Or I may tell the tight end, ‘Hey, give that defensive end a little bit on your way out.’

It was funny. One time, Danny came over and Dumervil went to the other side. So Danny follows him back over to that side. Dumervil says to me, ‘Can I just get one?’ I said, ‘No, all day you’re gonna get chipped!’

THE SECRETS OF A LINEBACKER: Craig Robertson therives thanks to a sharp eye and keen sense of what’s coming next. The Saints linebacker walks us through five Cheap High Quality Jerseys plays—telling us how he can figure out what’s coming—from a game against the Rams last fall.

Quinn met him through his Quinn’s Corps program a few years back, and the Army cavalry specialist explained what happened to him while he was deployed in Afghanistan. A buddy of his had been killed two days earlier. Determined to avenge him, and knowing where the assailants were, the soldier sought retribution on enemy territory. But as he was entering the house where his friend died, on hostile turf, the soldier’s emotions betrayed what he was taught. The lesson he learned that day, when he was injured by an IED, resonated with Quinn.

He didn’t go through all his training, he didn’t go through the checks for explosive devices, Quinn said, over the phone last week. He wanted retribution, so he abandoned his training. He was away from his guys. The story was, no matter what, I was trained to do this. But because I wanted to make it right, I forgot to do everything I was trained to do.

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