NFC North 2017 predictions: Lions, Packers set for another duel

Is the world ready for Matthew Stafford to jump ahead of Aaron Rodgers? Probably not. It doesn’t even look normal in print. But the NFC North title is within reach, and the Packers have to prove they’re up to defending it … even with one of the best quarterbacks of his generation.

The vital question is whether Stafford has more help around him than Rodgers has around him. Ironically, had Stafford himself been healthy at the end of last season, the Lions might have been good enough. The Packers got close enough to the Super Bowl to see in sharp focus what they’re missing; now, we get to see if they fixed what needed fixing.

The other big question in the division: Will the Bears finish with the worst record in the NFL?

There’s a huge incentive for entertainment studios and news networks to indulge the public’s appetite for Simpson news. ESPN Films won an Academy Award for its documentary “O.J.: Made in America.” The Disney-owned network will be covering the Simpson story until the day he dies and beyond. FX’s “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” garnered huge audiences, critical acclaim and nine Emmys. Virtually every major TV news network cut to live coverage of Simpson’s parole hearing Thursday.

Like many people, I believe Simpson is an unrepentant, sociopathic murderer. Anybody who has ever seen the horrific crime photos from Bundy Drive in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood would never laugh at his antics the way the Nevada Parole Board did Thursday.

More than two decades after Simpson was charged with murder, Americans were motivated enough to watch a parole hearing for the first time. That’s Cheap Jerseys Online how newsworthy his appeal to return to society was.

Will the media frenzy last? Probably not. After a few Cheap Kids Jerseys NBA months, Simpson will likely sink into media obscurity like he did a few years after his acquittal. For now, though, the O.J. reality show continues.

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