Matthew Stafford admits ankle isn’t 100 percent after Lions’ loss to Vikings

Thanksgiving and NFL football are inextricably bound, seamlessly and seemingly. But the history of the NFL and this holiday is neither as clean nor as simple as the NFL would have us believe. There have been a great many more NFL games played on Thanksgiving than the NFL cares to talk about, for reasons that will be made plain below. It’s not that the NFL and Thanksgiving don’t go well together — they do, for reasons good and bad. It’s just that not every Thanksgiving game follows the NFL’s narrative. This was written by amateur NFL historians David Roth and Jeff Johnson.

In the Philadelphia of the late 1970s, it was understood that fans at any and every type of sporting event would behave unreasonably. That they threw batteries at referees is common knowledge; less widely known is that Phillies fans routinely launched cans of expired tuna fish at opposing players. Eagles fans once trapped Kansas City Chiefs head coach Hank Stram in a McDonald’s bathroom and made him eat Egg McMuffins until he couldn’t see.

Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell has reiterated Cheap Jerseys From USA that ace Jimmy Nelson will not resume throwing until spring training and won’t be ready for Opening Day as he comes back from a shoulder injury.

Nelson was 12-6 with a 3.49 ERA last season. The right-hander was hurt Sept. 8 diving back to first after rounding the base after getting a single.

“I talked to him last week, he’s doing great and he’s very encouraged by how he’s recovering,” Counsell said Monday at the winter meetings. “Look, the loss of Jimmy Nelson, it Cheap Jerseys In Toronto hurts. I knew when it happened, I said this is going to hurt more in 2018 than it does the last five starts.”

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