Kaepernick now should be firmly in the third tier.

The teams that should have been looking at Kaepernick (Bears, Jets, Texans and Browns) all went in different directions, which is why Carroll’s comment was a bit odd. Teams love to find bargains in the NFL, and Kaepernick at this point should be a bargain. When was the last time you saw a team pass on a player because he had too much talent for the role it wanted him to play?

Realistically, Kaepernick now should be firmly in the third tier. Players in that tier are guys like Matt Schaub, Chad Henne, Drew Stanton and Colt McCoy, QBs who once might have been starters but are regarded as better backups. These contracts max out at a base value under $5 million, but they also provide opportunities to add value via incentives that move them into the upper end of the tier two base salary.

Spielman said that was never a detriment.

“The biggest thing when you’re trying to bring anyone up through an organization is to educate and train them,” Spielman said. “One thing we always try to identify are self-starters who have the work ethic and attention to detail where you can trust them to carry out whatever assignment is given them.

“In our eyes, it’s not about being a man or woman or what religion or race you are. It’s who is the most qualified regardless.”

Spielman did add that the Vikings had male scouting interns while Kleine was coming through the ranks who had played football “and she was twice as good.”

“I know she’s going to get things done and in the right way,” he said.

Kleine, who will continue to work under college scouting director Cheap DUKe Basketball Jerseys Jamaal Stephenson, is just one example of female employees given a chance Cheap European Soccer Jerseys to advance through the ranks in the Vikings organization. The team promoted three women to vice president positions on the business side of operations last year and is hiring a female intern (Stephanie Jackson) who will spend time in the business, legal and personnel departments.

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