How Yankees’ Aaron Judge showed ‘what makes him special’

NEW YORK Aaron Judge has seen the fifth-most pitches in the league this year at 1,195.

So Mets reliever Anthony Swarzak wasn’t the only surprised when the Yankees ‘ star crushed the go-ahead home run off Swarzak’s first pitch of the night in a 4-3 win over Cheap Jerseys Epl the Mets on Saturday at Citi Field.

Queens native Fred Cambria is also a purist. Though his major league career ended after one season due to an arm injury, Cambria posted a 3.51 ERA during his time with a Pirates team that won the World Series the next year, and gave intelligent opinions on the state of baseball.

Cambria was actually a solid hitter who became a pitcher in part due to the great-hitting Willie Stargell and Bob Robinson in front of him for a spot at first base. He told me he wants the pitcher to hit because of the excitement it adds to the game, and the lack of strategy in the American League. He also said that we are making the game too tough for pitchers by adding weightlifting, among others things, to their workout routines.

That means you’ll have to decide before 2020 free agency whether you want to stick with Earl, who’ll be three months shy of his 31st birthday by then, or let him go. We’re not stupid. We understand 31 is a heck of a lot different than 29 in NFL years.

We propose adding four years and $56 million onto the $8.5 million he already has coming this year. That’s $56 million in new money, and calling it a four-year extension (that runs through 2022) lets us say he’s the highest-paid safety at $14 million a year. But you can sell it as a five-year, $64.5 million deal if you want (the new $56 million plus the $8.5 million he’s already getting), and then the average annual salary is $12.9 million, so if you want to tell your fellow owners you didn’t set a new safety standard and the deal came in under Berry’s, go right ahead. Just as long as Cheap Jerseys In Bulk you don’t mind us putting it out in the media at $14 million.

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