After Phil Jackson firing, reality hits New York: Knicks are team with no plan

By Tuesday, it was clear that Phil Jackson really didn’t have a plan for the Knicks. All the tumult of the past seven months in New York was not part of a grand scheme by Jackson to reinvigorate what has become a moribund and lifeless franchise.

If you believed that, you’d be forgiven, since Jackson’s reputation as a genius coach precedes him — drawing up Xs and Os on the sidelines, he was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers. But as an executive, he was playing chess while everyone else was building Miami Dolphins Cheap Jerseys basketball teams.

The Bengals wasted no time adding speed to their roster in the 2017 NFL draft. With the No. 9 pick, Cincinnati chose wide receiver John Ross, who made waves at the combine when he broke the 40-yard dash record with a 4.22-second run.

His velocity was no surprise to anyone who tried to cover him in college. Ross was used as the Huskies’ Swiss Army knife, finding success as both a kick returner (three TDs) and at cornerback (18 tackles and an INT) in his first two seasons at Washington. Then he totaled 1,150 yards and 17 scores on offense his final season.

Ross, who’s still recovering from labrum surgery, hasn’t been NBA Basketball Jerseys able to participate in the Bengals rookie camp but is expected to be ready to go this fall and can contribute right away on offense and special teams. Cincinnati is hoping he will come in and complement A.J. Green, and give Andy Dalton some additional downfield options — something that was missing last season.

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