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On the field, the Giants would be far worse without Beckham.

His loss would cripple the offense. The Giants are a four- or a five-win team sans Beckham. That’s the biggest reason they probably won’t trade him. Emphasis on probably.

Off the field, Beckham has been a petulant baby. He was suspended for a bad hit and a brawl with Josh Norman. He was fined for pretending to urinate like a dog while celebrating a touchdown. He’s been called a prima donna. He punched a net. He punched a wall. He was recently caught in a compromising video.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reported Monday that the Rams are among the teams looking to jump on this opportunity. They aren’t alone.

To the teams interested, Beckham’s immaturity is not a huge problem. To them—and this is important—he hasn’t crossed the threshold between immature and a troublemaker. He isn’t getting arrested or suspended constantly.

He’s also one of the best players in football.

The Giants know this as well, of course. They want to keep Beckham, but they’re also clearly having at least a few second thoughts.

Gyorko batted .272 with 20 home runs and 67 RBIs last season but missed 17 games in early September because of the same injury.

That heightened our concern, manager Mike Matheny said. But it was pretty clear when we came off the field that it would take a little time. How much time, we’re not sure.

Bader is an outfielder who was named the Cardinals’ minor league player of the year last season. He had been assigned to Memphis in the Pacific Coast League, though the Triple-A season has yet to begin. Bader batted .235 with three home runs in 32 games with St. Louis last season after hitting .283 with 20 homers at Memphis.

He was swinging the bat as well as anybody, Matheny said. He had a good enough swing to make the club but (the decision) was more about flexibility than anything else.

We wanted him to be ready in case something happened.

Matheny also said that injured pitcher Adam Wainwright worked out Tuesday without The Best Cheap Jerseys issue. The right-hander is coming back from a hamstring injury and is set to come off the DL Soccer Cheap Jerseys on Thursday for the home opener against Arizona.