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Get two football coaches in a room together and they won’t debate the targeting rules or sketch plays out on a napkin?

When Oklahoma faces Georgia in Monday’s Rose Bowl (5 p.m. ET, ESPN and ESPN App), fans and forebears of the Sooners’ high-powered system have their shot at redemption. And the critics, they get another chance to see all that offense lose another big game.

You see, before he was the head coach, Swinney was a Clemson assistant for eight seasons. He used to recruit out West, when McNeill was an assistant with Riley under Mike Leach at Texas Tech. Then McNeill became the head coach at East Carolina and brought Riley with him. Meanwhile, Swinney had taken over at Clemson and found himself going to (polite) war with McNeill and Riley over high school talent in the Carolinas. Now Riley is the head coach at Oklahoma, where he quickly hired McNeill to be his right-hand man in Norman.

OK, they might. But what two coaches always do first is immediately start figuring out how many former head coach bosses they have in common. Or common schools where they’ve coached. Or colleagues at those common schools whom they consider common friends.

In this year’s edition of the College Football Playoff, there are many aspects of life that the four participants have in, um, common. While we dig up a thesaurus to find words that share a common definition with the word common, let’s allow one of those coaches to get the ball rolling.

Wonderful story by Tom Haberstroh on the use of video games and Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale virtual reality to heal the mental wounds suffered by Gordon Hayward.

LeBron turned 33 over the weekend. How is he playing so well this deep Wholesale NFL Jerseys into his career? Plus, 33 unforgettable LeBron moments over the years.

The Thunder lost to the Bucks on Friday in part because the refs didn’t notice Giannis Antetokounmpo stepping out of bounds on a baseline drive.

In this weekend’s LMAO performance, Steph Curry returned from an injury layoff and casually hit 10 threes. He also did an extremely rude thing to Marc Gasol.

Whitney Medworth’s B-Sides has much love for Carmelo Anthony’s courtside son.

Those two missteps were going to hurt the Knicks if Jackson stayed on in free agency

Last week, Jackson took another hit as he very publicly dangled the one future hope of the franchise — big man Kristaps Porzingis — in trade talks. Executives around the league questioned how serious Jackson was about trading Porzingis, but, rather, painted it as Jackson’s attempt to punish Porzingis for missing the team’s exit interviews in April.

Those two missteps were going to hurt the Knicks if Jackson stayed on in free agency, so if anything, his departure only puts the Knicks in a better position. Not a NFL Cheap Jerseys great position, of course, but Jackson was poisoning the well in New York.

Besides, player agents told Sporting News that Jackson typically was not involved in free-agent contacts until the very end — the bulk of the negotiations would start with general manager Steve Mills.

“You’d contact Steve first, I don’t think anyone was calling Phil directly,” one agent said. “Steve would run it up the chain, to (Jackson’s top assistant) Clarence Gaines and then you’d wait to see if there was any word back.”

This one actually sounds pretty possible. Not the Chiefs letting their All-Pro, signed-through-2021 stud go, mind you, but the part where the Patriots find another starting tight Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale end to pair with Rob Gronkowski. While it’s unlikely the Chiefs would trade Alex Smith’s security Cheap Lacrosse Jerseys blanket, upgrading from Smith to Brady would be a major win for the pass catcher. If Gronk could stay healthy, that duo would wreak havoc on the poor linebackers forced into coverage against them.