Seahawks’ Michael Bennett to donate endorsement money to minority causes

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has promised to donate all the money he earns from endorsements in 2017 to causes benefiting minority communities and empowering women of color, ESPN reports.

Bennett said he was inspired to make the pledge by Chance the Rapper, who is giving $1 million to the children of Chicago and the city’s public schools.

“That’s our guilty pleasure,” Zimmerman said. Some people like to go to the movies but we like nice food and nice drinks, which ties into why I wanted to get into the restaurant industry.”

Despite his agent warning him about the restaurant industry, he is confident in the ability of Long Shot Hospitality — a restaurant company that owns two other D.C. restaurants — to keep the venue open.

Zimmerman, 32, also said that he is three to five China Cheap Jerseys years away from retiring from baseball, but that opening the restaurant is a good step in preparation for the inevitability of the day he walks from the game.

“This is sort of a first step, a way of seeing if I really like it and enjoy it,” Zimmerman said. “I know I like food.”

As for the actual menu at The Salt Line, Zimmerman suggests lobster rolls.

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